Håkan Jonsson

Sound explorer and electroacoustic tinkerer in Berlin with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Trained oboist. Member of the Studio Baustelle artist collective.

I use objects, field recordings, modular synths,  software, machine learning, and self-built instruments in performances and installations. I collaborate and perform with Annsofie Jonsson (paintings below) under the name of Hugsten. My love for field recordings comes from their relation to sensors and senses, and their affordance to sharing personal listening experiences.



An ultrasonic feedback loop instrument built with the support of John Driscoll of Composers Inside Electronics.

Neural escalator

A virtual instrument trained with machine learning using field recordings of creaking escalators. Here playing with a tuning based on my body measurements.

 Installations & works

Samtalet (The conversation), a painting that responds to touch with sounds and non-lingual AI-generated speech, at Hörsägen by Hugsten, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2023.

End of Story, tape sculpture, Hörsägen by Hugsten, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2023 

Archeo-electronics  at Hörsägen by Hugsten, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2023

Dead Silence  at Occulture, Berlin, 2022

Undines at On Water, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2022

Dead Silence - Negotiating noise with the non-living,  Errant Sound, Berlin, 2022

[paper, slides]

Grey mass, 2022, field recording composition, Cities & Memories

Spectrum garden 2023, field recording composition, Polar Sounds with HIFMB and AWI

Aethyrs at LUST, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2019


Gastkram (Ghost Hug)

Live performance, January 2023, at the Wavefront event at Berlin School of Sound. I used the same tombstone as in "Dead silence", combining modular synthesis with live sampling through contact microphones to jam with the dead. I also played the Speitoun (see above) and field recordings .

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Untergrün, Berlin, 2023

Sound poetry action with Asta D, Hysterical angels, Galleri ZeitZone, Berlin, 2023

Proxemics, Hörsägen by Hugsten, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2023

Ashes to ashes, Hörsägen by Hugsten, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2023

Reconstruction, El Puente Art Space, Vilaflor, Tenerife, 2023

Globulology at Pataphors, West Germany, Berlin, 2022. Photo by Seth Zahn

Slower at Leper Colony Church, Abades, Tenerife, 2023. Photo by Felicia Scheuerecker.

Improvisation with found object, G.A.R.A.G.E Berlin 2022

ETES-VOUS FOU? Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin, 2022

Stains, at Chthonic, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2022

Speaking in tounges, with John Driscoll, ACUD, Berlin, 2022

Exhale[s] at Errant Sound, Artist talk & installation, 2022

Garoe, El Puente Art Space, Vilaflor, Tenerife, 2022

There is something in the Air / Harmony of the Spheres  at Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2021

Harmony of the Spheres  at Current - Contemporary Occulture,  Studio Baustelle, Berlin, 2021

Education & workshops

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